How we reversed Labour-led misrule

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Election

Peter Jackson, leader of Northumberland County Council, explains how the Conservatives have helped turn around the council after inheriting £1.5bn in debt and priorities in all the wrong places.

In May 2017, the Conservatives were elected to run Northumberland County Council. Voters in Newcastle and North Tyneside have an opportunity to deliver positive change for their areas too. Northumberland Conservatives are still picking up the pieces of a disastrous Labour council. We inherited a council with debt plans of up to £1.5 BILLION.

The Labour council prioritised spending £120m on a dated shopping centre over investing in education and skills – putting our county at the bottom of national leagues.

The Labour council prioritised refurbishing the Labour Party chairman’s football club ahead of making the county a great place to work, study and raise a family.

Now the council is making our county work for everyone, investing more in school buildings than ever before, fixing the county’s roads and modernising leisure centres across the county.

With strong Conservative leadership from day one we have turned Northumberland council around. We’ve reduced the debt by £250m and now focus investment on transforming communities across the county, spending £80m on new schools and £66m on new leisure centres. The message loud and clear is that Northumberland is open for business.

We also have a refreshed economic strategy, with greater emphasis on development and regeneration and a new local plan that promotes sustainable growth. We are addressing housing need, while protecting the green belt and the unique characteristics of our area.

We have invested in education and skills, roads, and have agreed major investment in schools and leisure.

There is new car parking, and progress too on the Newcastle-to-Northumberland train line. We focus on creating more and better jobs, with a housebuilding programme to match.

We have also refocused the council on delivering results that make a real difference to people’s lives and that address the generations of neglect from Labour.

Northumberland is a showcase for what a Conservative council can do for you.

Every voter in Newcastle and North Tyneside will have the opportunity to back their local Conservative candidate on May 2nd, to ensure their council can work for everyone.